Akrapovic’s 992 Carrera Titanium Exhaust Installed & on the Track (Video)

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Akrapovic’s 992 Carrera Titanium Exhaust Installed & on the Track (Video)

Akrapovic’s 992 Carrera Titanium Exhaust Installed & on the Track (Video)

With the arrival of the 992 Carrera comes the arrival of new performance parts. And one of the first on the scene is Akrapovic’s Slip-On Race Line exhaust system for the 992.

So on a frigid Saturday in February, we met up with Akrapovic and client Joshua Barris (NJLux.com), at Monticello Motor Club to upgrade his 2020 Carrera 4S with the first system to arrive in the USA. A1 Visuals was also on hand to document the process.

Akrapovic 992 Carrera titanium exhaust system

Constructed of lightweight titanium and sporting Akrapovic’s signature coating, the Slip-On Race Line exhaust is a direct path from catalytic converter to tip; no mufflers or baffles to get in the way. The resulting sound is neither ear-shattering loud nor is it a let-down. But more on that later.

The free-flowing design contributes to Akrapovic’s claimed performance gains of over 13 hp and 10 lb-ft torque and helps shave weight by 60%.

Akrapovic 992 Carrera titanium exhaust system install

Changing out the exhaust follows roughly the same protocol as the 991.2: Remove the taillights and bumper, giving you open access to make the swap. A key difference that immediately stands is the new placement of the 992’s intercoolers and air intake.

Swapping places with the airbox, the intercoolers now sit in a more direct path of airflow while driving for increased efficiency. Instead of one large cylindrical air filter in the center in the 991.2, the 992 now uses two panel style filters located behind the wheel liners on each side, roughly where the 991.2’s intercoolers are positioned.

992 Carrera 4S factory PSE exhaust

With the bumper and shielding removed, the factory Porsche Sport Exhaust system is exposed. Look closely and the underside of the intercoolers can be seen as a result of Sport Design’s additional ducting that allows air to channel behind the license plate and exit at the center, as well as through the standard outlets on the lower corners of the bumper.

Akrapovic 992 Carrera titanium exhaust vs factory PSE

Side by side, the difference between the factory PSE system and the Akrapovic exhaust is night and day. And the comparison is even more dramatic when you go to pick them up.

Akrapovic 992 Carrera titanium exhaust lightweight

We asked the Monticello crew if we could borrow a set of scales so we could find out just how much of a weight advantage the titanium Akrapovic has.

Factory PSE (left) vs Akrapovic (right):

Factory 992 Carrera S PSE exhaust weight 27 lbs
Akrapovic 992 Carrera titanium exhaust weight 11 lbs

Their scale tells us the exhaust will drop 16 pounds off the back end of the slightly heftier 992 (when compared to the 991.2).

992 Carrera 4S sport exhaust removed

This Carrera 4S is now ready for its Akrapovic upgrade. With their heat shielding still in place, you can identify the 992’s new symmetrical turbochargers connected to the factory catalytic converters.

Since the Akrapovic system is a cat-back design, it won’t have any affect on the factory emissions system.

Porsche 992 Carrera PSE actuator
Akrapovic Porsche 992 Carrera titanium exhaust actuator

An understated but important feature of the Akrapovic 992 exhaust is the use of the factory Porsche PSE electronic valve motors for seamless actuation between exhaust modes.

This means the Akrapovic exhaust will function just as it did from the dealer without the need for aftermarket buttons, vacuum-based actuators or modifications.

With the swapped actuators double-checked and torqued to spec, the system is ready to go in.

Akrapovic Porsche 992 Carrera titanium exhaust install
Akrapovic Porsche 992 Carrera titanium exhaust installed

Take it all in because once the bumper is back in place, the Akrapovic’s titanium will be mostly hidden out of sight.

Akrapovic Porsche 992 Carrera 4S titanium exhaust
Akrapovic Porsche 992 Carrera titanium exhaust tip

The 992’s rear bumper features integrated “tips” for the exhaust outlets. This creates a challenge for the aftermarket to visually set their exhaust apart when its hidden away. Akrapovic developed their own titanium tips that replace the factory pieces to give the Carrera a distinctive look to go with its new sound.

Akrapovic Porsche 992 Carrera titanium exhaust installed

Back together and ready to roll. And now for the moment of truth… how does it sound?

Have a listen to the Akrapovic-equipped 992 as it starts up and delivers some revs in both exhaust modes. It starts out in normal, then opens the valves when Sport mode is engaged:

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