911 CARRERA (992)

2020-Present Carrera/S (3.0L)

Performance Upgrades, Parts and Service for your 992 Carrera

Improving upon the 991.2’s twin-turbo powerplant, the growing lineup of 2020+ 992 Carrera models provide greater performance and technology than its predecessor, serving as a welcome evolution to the classic 911 formula.

From regular maintenance to performance upgrades, wheels and more, Torrent Motorworks and our factory-trained technicians have the experience and know-how you can trust. Contact us today to learn more and browse some of the available upgrades for your 992 Carrera below.

911 Carrera (992) ECU Tuning & Air Filters

911 Carrera (992) Exhaust

911 Carrera (992) Suspension & Drivetrain

911 Carrera (992) Exterior

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