Porsche 911 GT3 Touring | Torrent Motorworks

Taking the 911 GT3 Touring to the Next Level

The introduction of the 911 GT3 Touring for the 991.2 model refresh was in response to the overwhelming desirability of the 911 R. A GT3 without the wing, a specially tuned suspension and--most importantly--a manual transmission, the limited-edition 911 R immediately became a sought-after collectible that remains true to this day. The...

Porsche 911 Carrera (992) IPD Plenum install | Torrent Motorworks

Installed: IPD’s 992 Carrera Intake Plenum

With the launch of the 992 Carrera, Porsche carried over their 3.0L twin turbo flat six with a few updates here and there for the new model, including a new turbo design and reconfiguring the way air is drawn into the motor. IPD--developers of aftermarket intake plenums for many Porsche models--also...

JCR Porsche billet aluminum paddles | Torrent Motorworks

Getting a grip with JCR’s billet aluminum shift paddles for the 991/991.2 GT3 RS

Porsche's dual clutch PDK transmission in the 991/991.2 GT3 RS offers razor-sharp shifts when commanded by its pair of steering wheel-mounted paddles. Yet for some, those paddles are lacking in stature and offer less-than-ideal surface area for grabbing gears, particularly during harder turns. JCR Developments has an answer: Their Billet Aluminum Lightweight...