BRABUS Ride Control Suspension – 2015-2018 G63 (W463)

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Comfortable or sporty: The BRABUS Ride Control suspension allows you to tailor the suspension to your preferences depending on the driving situation and the quality of the road. The two power-adjustable shock absorbers are controlled with a button on the center console. The BRABUS Ride Control suspension integrates automatic damper adjustment.

In the comfort setup, the CAN control unit of the damper adjustment automatically switches to the sport setup depending on the vehicle speed, the lateral g’s of the vehicle and the speed of the change in steering angle. This ensures that critical situations are automatically detected and significantly improves the handling stability of the vehicle. When the system no longer detects any critical driving maneuvers, the control unit switches back to the comfort setup and thereby ensures a considerably improved ride quality. The sport setup can be preselected permanently.

Consisting of 2x Ride Control shock absorbers for front and rear each, BRABUS Ride Control control unit, BRABUS Ride Control control panel for the center console and CAN control unit for automatic damper adjustment.