VF Engineering VF800 Supercharger System – ’17+ R8 V10 (Gen2)


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Gen 2 Audi R8 2017+ | 5.2L V10 FSI
Standard Output R8 V10: 540hp | 398tq
Standard Output V10 Plus: 610hp | 413tq
Power Gains: 24-32% HORSEPOWER | 32-35% TORQUE

The VF800 system is a genuine bolt-on supercharger kit containing everything necessary to produce sizable gains to both the HP and torque of the Huracan’s V10 engine. Available for 2014+ models worldwide, this system uses the latest generation Eaton TVS2300 4-lobe “Twin Vortices Series” roots supercharger with an air/water after cooling system. Using state of the art technology and production techniques, VF-Engineering has created a system that effectively integrates with the High Output 5.2-liter powerplant to produce proven OEM quality results

VF-Engineering, Inc. uses state of the art processes to design, manufacture and evaluate the finest supercharger kits in the world. The VF-Engineering facility is located in the heart of Southern California with an RD department equipped with CAD/CAM and CMM machines, laser scanning and 3D modeling and rapid prototyping. The VF electrical and software engineering lab is equipped with an array of resources including an in-ground Mustang MD500 AWD Chassis dyno. All our products are created and tested in house to ensure optimal gains and factory like drive-ability and reliability. VF-Engineering products are and always will be proudly Made in the USA.

Boost Pressure 7.5 psi
Water Cooled Charge Cooler
High efficiency supercharger
Reduced parasitic engine load
Optimal compatibly with stock transmission
Durable powder coat finish
Technical support
2 year parts warranty

As with any many intricate hardware development projects, you often run into situations where you may need to design a component entirely from scratch. This happened throughout the development cycle for our V10 Supercharger system as no similar product existed other than our previous iteration on our Audi R8 V8. The following components are just a small collection of items conceptualized, engineered, and manufactured exclusively for this project.

Idler Pulley Assembly:
As the Supercharger unit itself is driven by the factory crank pulley, it was necessary to develop a unique idler pulley and bracket system to turn the supercharger. The Idler Pulley Assembly shown below is 100% unique, employs it’s own belt; and as no other V10 Supercharger system existed at the time, had to be developed 100% from scratch by our engineers.
Designed as a reversible upgrade, this system is designed as a daily driver or competitive hypercar. Engine calibration is performed via electronic flashing of the factory’s dual Bosch ECUs with optimized code engineered, 4WD dyno, and road tested by VF/Hex Tuning.
Pancake Pipe:
Developed to provide optimal flow for fluid transfer and the necessary clearance between the engine block and VF Engineering pulley bracket.

Alternator Retaining Nuts:
Designed and manufactured by VF Engineering to allow adequate room for tool clearance, as a standard hex nut and socket would not fit within the same area.